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Executive Corporate Management,
Investment, Development, and Finance

Mr. Lynford has been the co-founder of the following firms:

  • Wellsford Strategic Partners LLC: Organized in 2008 to continue the private investment activities of Wellsford founders and investors.

  • Reis, Inc.: Formed in 2007 through a tax-free merger with Wellsford Real Properties, Inc., Reis, Inc. became a NASDAQ-listed internet based real estate information and analytics company. Mr. Lynford served as Chairman of the Board until 2010.

  • Wellsford Real Properties, Inc.: Organized in 1997 as an AMEX-listed spin-off from Wellsford Residential Properties Trust (see below), to continue real estate investment and development activities with institutional joint venture partners and shareholders. In 1998 it acquired Value Property Trust in a tax-free stock merger, formed Wellsford Commercial Properties Trust, which ultimately aquired 6.5 million SF of suburban office buildings for rehabilitation, constructed "for sale" single-family and condominium projects, and capitalized a special purpose, AAA rated debt investment vehicle. Ultimately these ventures acquired and/or sold over $5 billion of real estate properties and debt instruments. Additionally, it owned 23% of Reis, Inc. (see above). Mr. Lynford served as Chairman from 1997 to 2007.

  • Wellsford Residential Properties Trust: Organized in 1992 as a NYSE-listed, self-administered real estate investment trust (REIT) to own, develop and ultimately operate over 19,000 rental units located in the Southwest and Pacific Northwest. In 1994 the REIT acquired Holly Residential Properties, Inc. in a tax-free stock merger, and in 1995 it obtained its first investment grade rating. In 1997 it merged with Equity Residential (EQR), the nation’s largest apartment REIT, in a tax-free stock merger valued at $1 billion. Common shareholders in the IPO earned a 22% per annum return on invested equity. Mr. Lynford served as Chairman from 1992 to 1997. On a split-adjusted basis this merger with EQR was valued at approximately $15 per share; EQR currently trades at over five times the aforementioned merger share price.

  • Wellsford Group, Inc.: Organized in 1986 as a private company to acquire, own and operate multi-family rental properties from various mortgagees in possession, it ultimately acquired 5,255 units in the southwestern United States. In 1992 Merrill Lynch lead-managed its initial public offering, and the founding private partners earned a 31.3% per annum return on invested equity.