The Lynford Family Charitable Trust was incorporated in New York in 1984. Its sister charity, the Lynford Family Fund, was established in 1988. Together, the Lynford Trusts have been the primary vehicles for philanthropic giving by Jeffrey and Tondra Lynford. Since their founding, several hundred not-for-profit organizations have received financial support.

The Trusts have adopted a philosophy of charitable giving based on two simple considerations:

· A charitable request should fall within one of the following four broadly defined target areas of giving: education and health, historic preservation and environmental conservation, the performing and visual arts, and research relating to public policy issues.

· Smaller, grass roots organizations with limited access to financial resources receive special consideration, because a modest grant to such recipients could have a meaningful impact on their efforts. Further, priority is given to those organizations where a Lynford family member has a hands-on or value-added relationship.

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